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Last week the 4th of October our exhibtion Intertradition Phase 2 opened at Fiberspace Gallery in Stockholm. A lot of people join us for the opening party and we are so happy with the result! In this exhibition we also show our own individual work for the first time. Shogo Hirata have been working with the inspiration he got from parts of the processes in both the Kurume-Kasuri craft and the craft of letter press printing we experienced at Norrbacka Tryckeri in Stockholm and combined the expressions in both paper art and textile art.
Lisa Juntunen Roos have continued the idea of combining both the Japanese and the Swedish textile tradition in the installation Artifacts From An Artificial Tradition where she have experimented with the idea that if Japan and Sweden would have been more influenced with each other historically speaking, how would that have effected our textiles?

See this and also our new Process Book that we sell at the gallery, limited edition!

For this exhibition we succeeded to bring Kyozo Shimogawa to Sweden! He could join us for the Artist Talk and also held a lecture at Almgrens Sidenväveri & Museum about the Kurume-Kasuri history and tradition and also how he and Shimogawa Orimono works with the craft today.


by Lisa Shogo


New exhibition is coming up!

In October there is a lot of interesting things going on. During a few weeks three exhibitions on the topic Japan - Sweden Influences open in Stockholm. First out is our exhibition at Fiberspace Gallery which opens on the 4th of October. Join us for the opening at 5 pm and RVSP to Fiberspace if you also want to listen to the artist talk at 3.30 pm where we together with Kyozo Shimogawa and Marcia Harvey Isaksson (Fiberspace) discuss craft, tradition and cultural exchange. We are so happy to be able to invite Shimogawa-san to Sweden for our final exhibition here.
The 6th of October Shimogawa-san will hold a breakfast lecture at K.A. Almgrens Sidenväveri about Kurume-Kasuri. Read more about that and RVSP here!

Big thanks to Svenska Vävakademin for support and arrangement, also don’t miss the other exhibitions where non other than Asako Ishizaki exhibit at HV Gallery and Jun Tomita at K.A Almgrens Sidenväveri. Read more in Svenska Vävakademins schedule for the weeks to come!

by Lisa Shogo



We are now back in Sweden again after a few great weeks in Osaka where we had two fantastic exhibitions. Part 1 ORIMONO took place at ASITA ROOM where we showed our intertraditional fabric in large installation that the visitors could walk into. At OPEN MUJI in Grand Front Osaka we exhibited part 2, TUKURITE. In this exhibition we focused on the processes behind the fabric and the story behind INTERTRADITION. We also held two KASURI-POT-STAND-WORKSHOPS where we showed, with very basic methods, the rich pattern world of Kasuri. We are so greatful for this exhibitions and all the fantastic people who got to meet during this weeks. Special thanks to our very helpful friends that worked so hard to make INTERTRADITIONS foot print in Osaka the absolut greatest it could be. THANK YOU ALL!

Lisa & Shogo


by Lisa Shogo



On Thursday the 25th of May INTERTRADITION take place at ASITA ROOM with the Part 1 exhibition ORIMONO! In this exhibition we focus on our intertraditional fabric we made together with SHIMOGAWA ORIMONO in 2017. The fabric is now finished and we are so happy to show it for the first time in Japan!

Part 2 TUKURITE take place at MUJI GRAND FRONT OSAKA the 6th of June and in this exhibition we go deep into the long-term processes of making a traditional Kurume Kasuri-fabric and the craftspeople's story behind it. The last two days of this exhibition we will also have a Kasuri Pot Stand-workshop where you can learn the basics of Kasuri and weave your own pot stand!

-Part.1 Orimono at Asita_Room (5/25-6/6) 12:00-20:00
-Part.2 Tukurite at MUJI Grand Front Osaka OpenMUJI(6/5-6/17)10:00-21:00


Remember to check our events-calendar for all events and more info!

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This weekend we had our first exhibition of INTERTRADITION! At Capellagården, Öland where we earlier had the KASURI-CRASH-COURSE with the textile departement we now also exhibited. The vernissage was fantastic and a lot of people came to see our intertraditional kurume-kasuri fabric! We also exhibited the impressive result from the workshop together with our beloved PROCESS CHART that we been working with for so long. Interesting comments and discussions about textile as a sculptural medium and traditional craft in the modern life! So, if in south of Sweden, GO VISIT "AN INTERTRADITIONAL FABRIC" at Capellagården!

For more photos, see our Instagram!

by Lisa Shogo


This week we have the pleasure to be guest teachers at Capellagården, Öland! Together with the textile department we're having an inspiration workshop in Kasuri. The students put up in total three warps, one prepared for weft-kasuri, one for warp-kasuri and one dubbel. Loads of fun! Check instagram as usual for plenty of inspiring photos from our stay here.

/lisa & shogo

by Lisa Shogo



A lot is going on with INTERTRADITION, any day now you can find us in the new issue of VÄV-magasinet, scandinavia's biggest textile magasin. (woop woop!) 
AND, our fabric is finished!! We will of course publish pictures of the fabric very soon so you all can se how it ended up. We are both very satisfied and happy with the result!
We are also now preparing for a workshop at Capellagården, Öland with the textile department in Mars. Stay tuned for more updates! And don't forget to visit our instagram @intertradition for more pictures!

/ Lisa & Shogo

by Lisa Shogo



Our fabric are soon finally in the loom!
When we last visited Shimogawa Orimono the fabric that we are working with needed a bit of quality adjustments to make the kasuri pattern fit in the right way. After a few days of adjustments and pattern fitting attempt we decided to make a complete new warp to be able to get the pattern to show more clear.
For us this was just a big plus since we are trying to document the whole process of the
kasuri craft, including how to deal with the unexpected situations.
We are now looking forward to document the last part of the process, the actual weaving of our fabric and Shogo will hopefully be able to visit the weaving mill in a few weeks to see it all in action.
Stay tuned for next step in project INTERTRADITION and also check instagram for more pictures!

by Lisa Shogo



2018 Sweden and Japan celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations! This of course suits INTERTRADITION very well since we will have all our exhibitions next year, stay tuned for more info about that.

A few weeks ago the swedish based weaving magasin VÄV-magasinet visited us for an interview about the project and our connection whit weaving master Shimogawa-san. Read about us and other crafters in the first issue of 2018, published in February!


by Lisa Shogo



After two weeks in Yame at Shimogawa Orimono we continued to Tokyo for one last week. Tokyo is of course completely different in so many ways to the small country village Yame. But as textile nerds we find our way to some of the treasures of Tokyo. Among others MORITA close to Omote-Sando station in central Tokyo is a fantastic atnique shop. Mainly textiles from Japan and other parts of the world but also ceramics and old wooden ware objects from Meiji and Edo eras. Morita-san who run the shop since decades know the whole collection very well so consider this shop a small but important craft museum!

Besides MORITA, a must do is MINGEIKAN. A craft and folk museum at Komaba Todai-mae station. A beautiful house with two whole floors filled with craft and folk-art from all fields. The museum have a very large collection but shows only a part of it at once so check their yearly schedule for information of the current exhibition. 

After this and much much more we now are on our way back to Sweden. The project continues of course but now from our workshops at home. Thanks Japan for this time, see you soon again!

Stay tuned for updates about exhibitions and more!

by Lisa Shogo



When being constantly surrounded by amazingly skilled crafters you often find yourself in interesting discussions. The other day when we had Shimogawa-san over for dinner we talked about the RUNNERS HIGH and the phenomena to be 100 % focused and to be able to use all your senses into one thing. We all agreed that there is also a WEAVERS HIGH and as a crafter you aim to come to that point of concentration and complete flow.

As a weaver I would describe it as being one with the loom, we both work together and feel each others rhythm and uses it to give the material best possible conditions for weaving the fabric we want. Sometimes me and the loom have different opinions and then we have to make peace before we can start working, sometimes it feels like a battle in who has the strongest mind.

by Lisa Shogo

Skärmavbild 2017-09-11 kl. 00.13.19.png


We have recently added a new page called TIMELINE on! Go check it out for a better understanding of how our project is build up and the processes we been working with. We will continue to add information and adjust the processes so that everyone who is interested can get a clear image of our project!

Stay tuned and don't forget @intertradition for more frequent updates!

by Lisa Shogo



Yesterday we landed in Fukuoka and took the bus to Yame and Shimogawa Kasuri Weaving Mill to finally meet Shimogawa-san again. 
We are here to take part in the weaving of our intertraditional fabric that we been working with for so long now! Here we are squeezed in to take a pic with all three of us in the workshop! Today it's a bit cooler weather, only +26 C* and 100% humidity.

Stay tuned for more updates of our process and don't forget to check instagram for more pics!

/Lisa & Shogo

by Lisa Shogo



We are so happy to announce that we will exhibit at FIBERSPACE in Stockholm autumn 2018! Thanks to Marcia and Fiberspace for an exciting meeting and talk about the textile field, we are so inspired and looking forward to plan for this exhibition. Stay tuned for more information and exciting news about INTERTRADITION!

by Lisa Shogo


We are INTERTRADTION - A craft exchange project focusing on traditional textile crafts in SWEDEN and JAPAN by us, SHOGO HIRATA
Our aim is to highlight traditional textile crafts in both countries and cultures by bringing it in to modern concepts and new light. Stay tuned CRAFT FRIENDS, for more to come!

/Lisa & Shogo