/ by Lisa Shogo



Last week the 4th of October our exhibtion Intertradition Phase 2 opened at Fiberspace Gallery in Stockholm. A lot of people join us for the opening party and we are so happy with the result! In this exhibition we also show our own individual work for the first time. Shogo Hirata have been working with the inspiration he got from parts of the processes in both the Kurume-Kasuri craft and the craft of letter press printing we experienced at Norrbacka Tryckeri in Stockholm and combined the expressions in both paper art and textile art.
Lisa Juntunen Roos have continued the idea of combining both the Japanese and the Swedish textile tradition in the installation Artifacts From An Artificial Tradition where she have experimented with the idea that if Japan and Sweden would have been more influenced with each other historically speaking, how would that have effected our textiles?

See this and also our new Process Book that we sell at the gallery, limited edition!

For this exhibition we succeeded to bring Kyozo Shimogawa to Sweden! He could join us for the Artist Talk and also held a lecture at Almgrens Sidenväveri & Museum about the Kurume-Kasuri history and tradition and also how he and Shimogawa Orimono works with the craft today.