/ by Lisa Shogo



On Thursday the 25th of May INTERTRADITION take place at ASITA ROOM with the Part 1 exhibition ORIMONO! In this exhibition we focus on our intertraditional fabric we made together with SHIMOGAWA ORIMONO in 2017. The fabric is now finished and we are so happy to show it for the first time in Japan!

Part 2 TUKURITE take place at MUJI GRAND FRONT OSAKA the 6th of June and in this exhibition we go deep into the long-term processes of making a traditional Kurume Kasuri-fabric and the craftspeople's story behind it. The last two days of this exhibition we will also have a Kasuri Pot Stand-workshop where you can learn the basics of Kasuri and weave your own pot stand!

-Part.1 Orimono at Asita_Room (5/25-6/6) 12:00-20:00
-Part.2 Tukurite at MUJI Grand Front Osaka OpenMUJI(6/5-6/17)10:00-21:00


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