/ by Lisa Shogo



We are now back in Sweden again after a few great weeks in Osaka where we had two fantastic exhibitions. Part 1 ORIMONO took place at ASITA ROOM where we showed our intertraditional fabric in large installation that the visitors could walk into. At OPEN MUJI in Grand Front Osaka we exhibited part 2, TUKURITE. In this exhibition we focused on the processes behind the fabric and the story behind INTERTRADITION. We also held two KASURI-POT-STAND-WORKSHOPS where we showed, with very basic methods, the rich pattern world of Kasuri. We are so greatful for this exhibitions and all the fantastic people who got to meet during this weeks. Special thanks to our very helpful friends that worked so hard to make INTERTRADITIONS foot print in Osaka the absolut greatest it could be. THANK YOU ALL!

Lisa & Shogo