/ by Lisa Shogo


New exhibition is coming up!

In October there is a lot of interesting things going on. During a few weeks three exhibitions on the topic Japan - Sweden Influences open in Stockholm. First out is our exhibition at Fiberspace Gallery which opens on the 4th of October. Join us for the opening at 5 pm and RVSP to Fiberspace if you also want to listen to the artist talk at 3.30 pm where we together with Kyozo Shimogawa and Marcia Harvey Isaksson (Fiberspace) discuss craft, tradition and cultural exchange. We are so happy to be able to invite Shimogawa-san to Sweden for our final exhibition here.
The 6th of October Shimogawa-san will hold a breakfast lecture at K.A. Almgrens Sidenväveri about Kurume-Kasuri. Read more about that and RVSP here!

Big thanks to Svenska Vävakademin for support and arrangement, also don’t miss the other exhibitions where non other than Asako Ishizaki exhibit at HV Gallery and Jun Tomita at K.A Almgrens Sidenväveri. Read more in Svenska Vävakademins schedule for the weeks to come!