by Lisa Shogo



After two weeks in Yame at Shimogawa Orimono we continued to Tokyo for one last week. Tokyo is of course completely different in so many ways to the small country village Yame. But as textile nerds we find our way to some of the treasures of Tokyo. Among others MORITA close to Omote-Sando station in central Tokyo is a fantastic atnique shop. Mainly textiles from Japan and other parts of the world but also ceramics and old wooden ware objects from Meiji and Edo eras. Morita-san who run the shop since decades know the whole collection very well so consider this shop a small but important craft museum!

Besides MORITA, a must do is MINGEIKAN. A craft and folk museum at Komaba Todai-mae station. A beautiful house with two whole floors filled with craft and folk-art from all fields. The museum have a very large collection but shows only a part of it at once so check their yearly schedule for information of the current exhibition. 

After this and much much more we now are on our way back to Sweden. The project continues of course but now from our workshops at home. Thanks Japan for this time, see you soon again!

Stay tuned for updates about exhibitions and more!

by Lisa Shogo



When being constantly surrounded by amazingly skilled crafters you often find yourself in interesting discussions. The other day when we had Shimogawa-san over for dinner we talked about the RUNNERS HIGH and the phenomena to be 100 % focused and to be able to use all your senses into one thing. We all agreed that there is also a WEAVERS HIGH and as a crafter you aim to come to that point of concentration and complete flow.

As a weaver I would describe it as being one with the loom, we both work together and feel each others rhythm and uses it to give the material best possible conditions for weaving the fabric we want. Sometimes me and the loom have different opinions and then we have to make peace before we can start working, sometimes it feels like a battle in who has the strongest mind.

by Lisa Shogo



We are so happy to announce that we will exhibit at FIBERSPACE in Stockholm autumn 2018! Thanks to Marcia and Fiberspace for an exciting meeting and talk about the textile field, we are so inspired and looking forward to plan for this exhibition. Stay tuned for more information and exciting news about INTERTRADITION!